Educational activities

Director of Research Group for Educational Psychology, responsible for psychology courses for early childhood education, class teacher education (especially Master in Educational Psychology), special needs education, subject-matter teacher education, Postgraduate education.

Bachelor level:

Introduction to Educational and Developmental Psychology 5 ECTS (in Finnish) since 2005.

Psychology of Development and Learning 5 ECTS (in English) since 2015.

Broad-based competences and phenomenon-based learning 5 ECTS (in Finnish) since 2019.

Master Level: 

Educational Psychology as an engine for change (5 ECTS) in Changing Education International Master Programme since 2021.

Master Thesis Seminar and Supervising Master Theses since 2005.

Doctoral level:

Doctoral Dissertation Seminar since 2005.

Supervising Doctoral Dissertations since 1999 (University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine 1996-2001, Karolinska Institutet 2001-2011, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences since 2005).

Professional training:

Numerous courses and workshops in Continuing Teacher Education and University Pedagogy since the 1990s.