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During 2012, the main project was the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project

ELE – New learning environments in teacher education

 The project uses strong scientific expertise to develop learning contents, physical spaces and services and networks with the help of new technology, creating a platform for distributing the Finnish equal-opportunity model of teaching and learning both nationally and internationally.

ELE – New learning environments in teacher education

Learning environments of the future are integrated, with a variety of spaces and services, contact teaching and digital tools, as well as internet- and mobile-based working and learning platforms dovetailing together.

The seamless fusion of pedagogic and psychological know-how and technology supporting active learning and inclusive methodology is important. The project aims to develop learning spaces and technologies for use in teacher training. ‘The laboratory for creating knowledge’ creates not only new understanding and learning, but also new knowledge practices and pedagogic solutions.

Project Director
Kirsti Lonka